Our Lives (As Told By Reader’s Digest)

Mother was never one to worry about the actual truth in most cases of her life.  She fancied herself quite the intellect since she was always reading (never mind that most of what she read consisted of tawdry dime store novels that bordered on soft-core porn) . She also was never concerned about our egos. […]

Christmas and the Path of Least Resistance

At school, Lindy and I always looked forward to the annual Christmas party.  It was held on the last day before vacation and lasted all afternoon.  The “room mother” brought cookies. And Lindy and I always prayed no one would ask our mother to be the room mother as we knew the other children would be […]

Best Excuse For Missing School

When Abby was attending college, Dad had a good friend who had a plane.  His friend offered to fly Dad and me out to pick Abby up for one of her college breaks.  I was still in high school but Dad knew it would be fun for me to tag along. The day arrived and […]

The End of Business Classes

When I was still in high school, my counselor advised me to take business classes because she was certain I would not be heading to college. I signed up for bookkeeping mainly because I loved the idea of a workbook. The teacher was nice enough but did not understand that I wished to take my […]

A Creative Teacher Pension Plan

When I was in ninth grade, I had a geography teacher named Miss Fanti. She liked to make money on the backs of the freshmen by selling maps. If you lost your map or made a mistake on it, she would sell you another one for a nickel. I often lost my maps and found […]

Tick Tock

Mary had a problem with the clock.  Although Abby and I had the same hours in high school every day with no exceptions, our mother could not, would not get us there on time. We would pray and hope that today would be the day that she would turn over a new leaf.  However, about […]