The Red Christmas Dishes

The other day I mentioned to my sister Lindy how sad I was that we did not have some of the Christmas things from our childhood that I liked. When Lindy and I were growing up, our mother had some lovely Christmas ornaments including a large blue glass ornament with the words, “It Came Upon a Midnight […]

Mama Drama and the Holidays

In perusing all our tales of poor mental health (especially Mary, our mother, and Beatrice, our stepmother) it seems it might be a good idea to suggest a few examples just to test those around you, especially with the holidays upon us. So, as your family gathers, check to see if they have any of […]

A Second Look at the Animals’ Merry Christmas

Last year I wrote about a favorite childhood book called “The Animals’ Merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, I did not write about this wonderful book in time for parents and grandparents to order it for their children and grandchildren. This year, I encourage you to order it if you have any young person in your life for […]

Another Holiday Cooking Disaster

You already know that we have had several holiday cooking disasters. Last year on Thanksgiving, while Cousin Beverly was visiting, I made the famous (or infamous) Far From Normal cake. My family still refers to that cake which they call twelve layers of pancake or, alternatively thanks to my son, the Coma Cake. Some of my […]

Layaway Plans: Not Really Plans At All

Our mother loved, loved, loved layaway plans. For those of you not familiar with this term, when my sister and I were growing up, large department stores like Sears and JC Penney’s had what were called layaway plans. This meant you could pick out any number of items and with a small down payment, the […]

The Naughty List

As Christmas approaches, Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. History shows that old Santa has been keeping track of us for centuries. Unfortunately, we have someone on the naughty list who has been there many times. Mary, who never was much for lists herself, almost always made Santa’s naughty list. Was […]