It’s a Little Too Late To Do the Right Thing Now

Listening to tunes on the radio often brings inspiration for story telling. After all, isn’t that what most songs are? A particular title has been hovering and buzzing around in my head and it is just seems right to tell the tale now. Mother had difficulty in parenting, people skills, work skills and just about […]

Caution: May Contain Nuts, Dead Rodents

If you decided to read this post hoping that something wonderful was going to happen to myself, or my sisters Lindy and Sissy, prepare to be disappointed. Today I am writing about the Christmas gift experiences Sissy had with her biological dad Ed. When Sissy was 16, she came home loudly proclaiming that her dad […]

How about a lovely revolving red light for Christmas?

After Charles and I had officially become a couple, he came to our family Christmas bearing gifts. Now, our family always enjoyed every aspect of Christmas. From the food to the decorations to the friends and family, we thought Christmas was the best! And we especially enjoyed the exchange 0f special presents. So, when Charles […]

Another Holiday Cooking Disaster

You already know that we have had several holiday cooking disasters. Last year on Thanksgiving, while Cousin Beverly was visiting, I made the famous (or infamous) Far From Normal cake. My family still refers to that cake which they call twelve layers of pancake or, alternatively thanks to my son, the Coma Cake. Some of my […]

Long Distance Operator

When my sweet little daughter Fiona was born, my mother was still living the high life of the Pretender in California. I called Mother the day after my daughter’s birth to let her know about the darling new baby. The first thing out of Mother’s mouth after I told her the baby’s name was: How […]

Random Access Memories

In our writings here, my sister and I are all over the place in terms of time. You may have asked yourself: Why don’t they have the stories in chronological order? Here is the answer: our memories come back randomly. We started with the earliest memories, but then we noticed that some of our stories […]