Leftovers? No Way!

Mother was somehow able to make meals that were the absolute right amount of food, as there were never leftovers. Since she rarely sat down with her family to enjoy the sumptuous feast, my sister Abby and I always were amazed that the food was always eaten up. Dad, Abby and I did not truly […]

Happy Mother’s Day: A Joanna Lund recipe

As you already know, our mother did not particularly enjoy any of the holidays. She thought Thanksgiving was a great time to invite lonely spinster schoolteachers to our home, and she thought Christmas was a wonderful day to try to prepare a frozen turkey while also making liquor-filled fruitcakes and Martha Washington Balls. Nothing seemed […]

A Valentine’s Day Shoebox Full Of Hopes and Dreams

When we were in elementary school, each year as February approached, my sister Lindy and I started to get excited. We would begin looking at the boxes of Valentine’s Day candy, the Valentine’s cards, and all the other paraphernalia related to the magic day. And we would start wondering about the Valentines we would receive. […]

The Shadow Knows!

Groundhog Day always reminds me how confused Mother was about this legendary tale. She could not remember whether Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow meant six more weeks of winter or was it the other way around? Mother always said that it really didn’t matter because winter would end “when it was good and ready to end.” […]

Chicago Fire

My son Taylor called me this morning and mentioned the massive, five-alarm warehouse fire in Chicago that occurred last night. Thankfully, this fire was not as bad as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but it was one of the largest in recent years. And the scenes of firefighters battling the inferno with water freezing […]

Martin Luther King Junior Day

You already know that Mother had some pretty unusual preconceived notions about people.  If you were Jewish, she thought you were smart.  If you were Catholic, she thought you had a direct stairway to God. If you were African-American, she thought you would welcome the gift of our old clothes! Yes, she did stereotype. No, […]