“I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink”

I don’t think Merle Haggard ever knew our mother. Although his song I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink seems to have been written with her in mind. In fact it could have been her motto. Now she never admitted to this being her slogan. In fact, her usual state was one of denial. […]

Terms of Endearment

Our Dad was not only a talented attorney and a fabulous Dad, he often used pet names for people. From the time I was a little girl, he often called me “Babe”. I guess since I was the younger child, at the time, it was a term of endearment signifying I was the baby.  I […]

Have a Multitasking Holiday

Children from dysfunctional families spend a lot of time trying to fit in. And just because one is grown up, those feelings do not disappear. I am still trying to fit in and my latest attempt had to do with holiday cooking. I go to the Y a lot and I visit with all the […]

Another Holiday Cooking Disaster

You already know that we have had several holiday cooking disasters. Last year on Thanksgiving, while Cousin Beverly was visiting, I made the famous (or infamous) Far From Normal cake. My family still refers to that cake which they call twelve layers of pancake or, alternatively thanks to my son, the Coma Cake. Some of my […]

Beatrice “Fixes” a Meal

Our stepmother Beatrice had a knack for making hamburgers that could double for hockey pucks. They were gray in color, very thick and difficult to eat. Sometimes she would forget to buy buns so we would use bread. The grease from the hockey pucks would soak through the bread and run down your arm. Pretty […]

It Is What It Is

One of my stepmother Beatrice’s favorite quotes is: It is what it is. This was her refrain when she didn’t know what else to say or if she thought you expected her to jump into action about a particular situation. It usually stopped the conversation cold because what was there left to add? I have […]