Wishy Washy?

One of the things about our mother was you would never say she was wishy washy. No way! You knew exactly what she was thinking because she was born without a filter. And just like a car without a filter, she was loud and obnoxious. Mother’s mouth was open and if she wasn’t eating, drinking […]

Never Establish Eye Contact

Our stepmother had some kind of funny pieces of advice that she shared whenever the mood hit her. If you happened to be out in public and there were strangers around that she felt might want something from her, she always said: Never establish eye contact. I think about this piece of advice whenever I […]


Dad loved to laugh and was always seeking unique ways to share his sense of humor. One of his favorite things to do was to use funny voices when calling us on the phone. When my sister and I were teachers, he would pretend to be an irate parent or a salesman or a person […]

Time For Some Lighthearted Comic Relief

When I was a little girl, I loved telling riddles and jokes. Comedy was a coping skill I learned at a very young age. However, one of the problems I had was I did not have a plethora of material, so I decided to switch some of my riddles up with different answers. During my […]

Hand-Written Hallmark Moments

Our dad often waited until the last minute to shop for special occasion or holiday cards for all of us. When it was my birthday or Abby’s, we might receive a “Happy Birthday Nephew” or ” To a Great Great-Grandma” Hallmark card with the words scratched out.  He would then write “Wonderful Daughter” over the […]

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

This is a letter to all of you who may be freaking out at our life experiences.  We have tried to use humor while also being realistic and unflinchingly honest about what we experienced. But we want you to know that the kids are alright.  In fact, we are more than alright. We found our […]