Superficial mostly selfishattitudeatrocious – Mary Poppins she was not

Mary Poppins, the beloved nanny, who has seen a resurgence due to the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” was such a delightful character and everyone hoped for someone just like her to rescue them. My sister Abby and I were no different. So, with great hope, we met up with Beatrice who was our new stepmother. […]

How about a lovely revolving red light for Christmas?

After Charles and I had officially become a couple, he came to our family Christmas bearing gifts. Now, our family always enjoyed every aspect of Christmas. From the food to the decorations to the friends and family, we thought Christmas was the best! And we especially enjoyed the exchange 0f special presents. So, when Charles […]

Sit Down and Take Your Coat Off

The words “Sit down and take your coat off” are ones I heard very often growing up and later when I would visit my mother at her home either in Indiana or Iowa. Those words were part of her greeting to anyone who ventured into her abode. I was always puzzled by her insistence on […]

Whole Lotta Hurling Goin’ On

On one of the (thankfully) rare occasions that Mother graced our state with her presence, she made quite an impression. And as always with Mother, the impression was less than positive. In this case, by the end of her visit, the impression was absolutely disgusting as well. Mother was staying with Charles and I, and […]

Long Distance Operator

When my sweet little daughter Fiona was born, my mother was still living the high life of the Pretender in California. I called Mother the day after my daughter’s birth to let her know about the darling new baby. The first thing out of Mother’s mouth after I told her the baby’s name was: How […]

Me, Myself and I Trump You and Your Sister

Mother never minced words when it came to the pecking order in her life. She was the top dog and we were nothing more than her minions. Mother expected us to wait on her hand and foot, getting her cigarettes, ashtray and special glass filled with “happy juice“. Next she may bellow out to bring […]