Eulogy for My Grandmother

Shortly after my grandmother Mary passed away, our family gathered on Mother’s Day to remember her life and note her passing. I was honored to officiate at this service. In consultation with the rest of the family, we had developed a set of readings and songs that we felt were appropriate for the service. During […]

A Christmas Pageant

As children, Lindy and I attended church at the Cleveland Avenue Methodist Church.  We were just about the only kids who showed up every week with no adults.  We enjoyed the Sunday School and often stayed for the church service.  One Sunday it was announced that there would be a Christmas pageant on a special […]

The Church of Convenience

Living in the small town made my mother aware of something missing in her children’s lives—religion. She began looking around and settled on the Southern Baptist as a church meeting her short list of requirements. It must be within walking distance of the place we were living. Widgets My sister Lindy and I walked […]