Never Forgotten Stories

Prior to his death, Dad used to say The stories I have told will die with me. No one will ever tell them again. My sister Lindy and I did everything we could to reassure him that we would keep his stories alive and indeed that is part of what this blog is about. Dad’s […]

Wrestling: The Real Thing

As children my sister and I spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago visiting Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry. They, of course, had a daughter named Kathy Ann. In the tale of Kathy Ann gets sick, our mother drugged Kathy Ann without Aunt Marty’s knowledge. And of course years later Kathy Ann ended up […]

A Far From Normal Phone Call

The morning our mother died, my sister Lindy and I went to Starbucks to re-group. We had no one to comfort us, and the truth was that we wanted to be together by ourselves for this last day of Mother’s life. Mother had passed away peacefully, and my sister and I were both still surprised […]

Cleaning Day

Today, as I sit near my closet, trying to separate the junk from the valuables, I am reminded of the method my mother applied to cleaning out her closets. In the first place, she had to be in the mood. “In the mood” for her meant that she had no outside distractions such as the […]

Walking on Egg Shells (The Sequel)

In case it wasn’t enough to have to deal very carefully with our mother Mary, we also had to walk on eggshells around our father’s second wife Beatrice. We learned right away that the wrong word could send Beatrice into her bedroom with the door slammed loudly. If things were particularly distressing to Beatrice, twenty […]

Life is Short: Eat Dessert First

Sometimes in the summertime, Mother had had quite enough of her children, and Lindy and I would be packed up for a two week vacation in Chicago. This was not like the vacations we took to Indiana or to Minnesota. No, this time, we were on our own. We were sent to visit either of […]