Mickey Mouse Blues Part Two

Yes, we attended the wedding and yes, we had a two day pass to the Disney attractions; however, let me tell you right now that a good time was not had by all. First of all the rooms were just as described: small and awful. We arrived on Friday evening and, with no car, we […]

The Carnival’s In Town

When my son was about five years old, his dad and I thought it might be good to visit southern California and take our son to Disneyland. Of course, a visit to the boy’s grandma was on the list. Grandma Mary had long ago ditched Uncle/Stepdad Kenny and was now married to husband number three, […]

The Magic Kingdom

  Mary had only seen her granddaughter once before.  One year my sister and I decided to take Annie to Disneyland and also spend some time with her grandma.  We had learned, after some uncomfortable overnights, not to stay with her. We let Mary know we would be coming and that we would be staying […]

Near Death Experience Via Food

When we were in California on our Magic Kingdom trip, we went to Mother’s humble abode later that evening. She wanted us to eat dinner with her but we made every excuse we could think of so we would not get food poisoning. She had made chicken and dressing earlier in the day and it […]

California Dreamin’ (or California Nightmare?)

One year my husband and I decided to visit California. Charles had never been to Disneyland and I knew he would fall in love with the Magic Kingdom. To be honest, I did use the lure of a trip to Disneyland as the carrot to the stick that was a visit to Mother Drunkest’s. I […]