Career Choices

As you already know, my dad completed college and law school after I was born. Once he started practicing law, I observed what he did and decided (at age 7) that being a lawyer was for me. When I informed my dad of my decision, he said: Girls don’t go to law school.¬† It’s just […]

“Joey Good Times”

After getting a divorce from my son’s father, I met a few men that I wanted to date. My son’s favorite, far and away, was a man he nicknamed “Joey Good Times.” Joe was a man who decided that the best way to get me to fall in love with him was to cozy up […]

The Far From Normal Tom

We have written quite a bit about my mother’s third husband Tom. At one point he wanted my sister and I to become magicians and make her disappear. Dad was¬†quite fascinated with Tom and wanted us to engage him in conversation. Since my sister and I were always on edge when we were around my […]