Superficial mostly selfishattitudeatrocious – Mary Poppins she was not

Mary Poppins, the beloved nanny, who has seen a resurgence due to the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” was such a delightful character and everyone hoped for someone just like her to rescue them. My sister Abby and I were no different. So, with great hope, we met up with Beatrice who was our new stepmother. […]

The Twilight Zone

We have written about Mother’s love of reading, which mainly consisted of soft core porn paperbacks. She loved the trashy and sordid details and no doubt pretended she was one of the ravaging temptresses in the book. However, she also loved science fiction. I know it does not seem to match with the trash but […]

Fifty Shades of Mary and Beatrice Part 1

Now our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice had several similarities that were not to be admired. They each loved to talk non-stop, said they didn’t play games when actually they were grand masters, did not enjoy the role of motherhood and believed they were very entertaining. Beatrice usually did not allow anyone to monopolize […]