None of Your Business Bar and Grill

As I was driving today, running Christmas errands, I noticed that a neighborhood bar has been renamed “None of Your Business Bar and Grill”.  I smiled knowingly to myself and thought immediately how much Mother would have loved to frequent a place with such a colorful name.  I can just hear her saying in her […]

Christmas and the Path of Least Resistance

At school, Lindy and I always looked forward to the annual Christmas party.  It was held on the last day before vacation and lasted all afternoon.  The “room mother” brought cookies. And Lindy and I always prayed no one would ask our mother to be the room mother as we knew the other children would be […]

Hand-Written Hallmark Moments

Our dad often waited until the last minute to shop for special occasion or holiday cards for all of us. When it was my birthday or Abby’s, we might receive a “Happy Birthday Nephew” or ” To a Great Great-Grandma” Hallmark card with the words scratched out.  He would then write “Wonderful Daughter” over the […]

A Nightmare Ended: Back to California

  Mary was living with me, my husband and our adorable two year old.  She had somehow convinced me that being the babysitter would be a win-win for both of us.  Obviously, I had forgotten everything about her child-care qualifications. She kept my son up until midnight and (unlike when Lindy and I were growing up) there seemed […]

Greeting Cards

Perhaps you saw us in these aisles looking for greeting cards.  We were the two, with worried looks on our faces, reading every Mother’s Day card and putting each of them back.  Trying to find an appropriate card for Mary was like trying to find a slinky gown for a five hundred pound woman.  You weren’t going […]

Thanksgiving and the Celery Appetizer

With Thanksgiving coming up, I reminded Lindy of one of Mary’s favorite things to make—stuffed celery.  Our mother thought that creating a special treat like celery with cheese was going above and beyond the call of duty.  She would take a stalk of celery and chop off most of the leaves and, unfortunately, leave the […]