Dysfunctional Benefits (Do Not Try This At Home)

Believe it or not, there are several benefits to being part of a dysfunctional family. The main benefit came to me when I was listening to a so called “normal” mother explain the difficulties of having a child who suffered from nightmares. Now, of course, I completely understand what nightmares are, but have I ever […]

Finding Love in the Psych Ward

Mental illness does not run in our family, it gallops. One case in point is Aunt Marty’s daughter Kathy Ann. Kathy Ann stayed with us one time when she was a little girl and Aunt Marty couldn’t take any more time more time off from her job (yes, the job where she wore her bathing […]

Mental Health or Mental Sick?

Not to make light of anyone with mental problems but Mother was sitting on the throne of mental illness. Between depression, emotional rages, anger management (or lack thereof in her case), and abuse of a variety of substances, her mental outlook didn’t have a fighting chance. She didn’t just get up on the wrong side […]

Perception Versus Reality

In case you are wondering how our mother lived with herself and the less than stellar way she took care of her family, she had no problem. She thought she was about to be nominated for Mother of the Year, and I am not kidding. She would often say to my sister and me You’ll thank […]