Disciplined in a good way and a not so good way

Dad was very disciplined in his life. He loved his work as an attorney and was not only diligent but also excelled at his profession. He was up early, off to his office, stayed late and set an example for us to follow. His personal life was also disciplined. Dad ate healthy, drank in moderation […]

It’s Complicated

Life is complicated. An understatement when you have been through the wringer of dysfunction in your family. First came our mother Mary with her myriad of troubles, a troubled past, a troubled present and a boatload of “troubles”. Mental problems aggravated by alcohol abuse, pill popping, food addiction and refusing to accept responsibility just to […]

Turning Up the Dial On Crazy

Crazy is not just a song made famous by the wonderfully talented, Patsy Cline. It is also a place where some families reside. Our mother inhabited the land of crazy for as long as we can remember. In fact, she usually had the volume turned all the way up. Unless of course she had consumed […]

Mama Drama and the Holidays

In perusing all our tales of poor mental health (especially Mary, our mother, and Beatrice, our stepmother) it seems it might be a good idea to suggest a few examples just to test those around you, especially with the holidays upon us. So, as your family gathers, check to see if they have any of […]

Finding Love in the Psych Ward

Mental illness does not run in our family, it gallops. One case in point is Aunt Marty’s daughter Kathy Ann. Kathy Ann stayed with us one time when she was a little girl and Aunt Marty couldn’t take any more time more time off from her job (yes, the job where she wore her bathing […]

Weapons of Mouth Destruction

Our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice had several things in common. One of the main attributes they shared was their weapon of choice. No, I’m not talking about guns and knives. Both of these women used their mouths which were deadly and when they fired, you had best step back! We never knew when […]