Never Forgotten Stories

Prior to his death, Dad used to say The stories I have told will die with me. No one will ever tell them again. My sister Lindy and I did everything we could to reassure him that we would keep his stories alive and indeed that is part of what this blog is about. Dad’s […]

Minnesota Winters: Past and Present

  Today when I drove through what appeared to be a sandstorm, sand swirling on the highway and in front of my car, I see the sand as what it really is: snow, and I wonder how people in previous generations managed these blizzards. I am reminded of my grandmother and her life in Southwest Minnesota. Grandma […]

Northern Exposure

Today when I left my house it was 12 degrees below zero. That got me thinking about our dad’s mother (my grandmother) and her life out on the Minnesota prairie. When our father talked about his time growing up in Minnesota, it was to tell about something humorous or interesting.  Seldom did Dad go into detail […]

The Best Sister in the World

You already  know that my sister Lindy and I have a special bond, much more than most sisters. People who are from so-called normal families will tell me that they speak with their sister once a month or so. That is not the way with Lindy and me. We speak every day and sometimes several […]

The Shining Star and the Dedicated Daughter

As you have read, my dear sister Abby spent her summers in Illinois taking care of our dad when he got sick. She embodies what it means to be compassionate. Her selfless devotion, her kind heart, and her willingness to endure our stepmother Beatrice’s negativity was a testament to her compassion. Donny Deutsch says: If […]

A Far From Normal College Experience

I decided to attend a college in Minnesota after reading a lovely brochure about all the amenities. It was located on a beautiful lake, very liberal and offered many opportunities to excel in a broad range of activities. I had completed two years at a college that did not offer a four year degree so […]