Mickey Mouse Blues

Okay, I know that the premise of this blog is that my sister Lindy and I grew up “Far From Normal” and that we will be sharing lots of strange memories of our growing up years. I am now (perhaps just for today, but probably for a bit longer) going to write about some contemporary […]

The Lord Helps Them That Help Themselves

Our paternal grandmother, Vera, who lived in Minnesota and raised eight children had a good friend who we have written about before by the name of Dora Wiese. Dora was quite a character and we always loved hearing tales told by Dad regarding her unusual voice and manner. Dora felt very close to our Grandma […]

A Tribute to A Good Old Dad!

The following tribute ¬†appeared in our hometown paper, The Herald & Review, on March 4, 1997. Our dad had just retired from a very successful career as an attorney due to health concerns. He passed away in July of that same year from complications of PKD – polycystic kidney disease. He had been on dialysis […]

Colorful Characters

Whenever my sister Lindy or I wondered out loud why our family was so different from other families, our dad would say You are lucky. Other people have ordinary relatives who do ordinary things. You have an interesting family made up of colorful characters. I guess Dad was right. Let me tell you about several […]