Happy Mother’s Day: A Joanna Lund recipe

As you already know, our mother did not particularly enjoy any of the holidays. She thought Thanksgiving was a great time to invite lonely spinster schoolteachers to our home, and she thought Christmas was a wonderful day to try to prepare a frozen turkey while also making liquor-filled fruitcakes and Martha Washington Balls. Nothing seemed […]

Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Just like with a jigsaw puzzle that cannot be completed without all the pieces, that is how our mother’s life was lived. No doubt everyone is familiar with the less than complimentary comments such as few french fries short of a Happy Meal or not the sharpest tool in the toolbox in Mother’s case, one […]

Just Another Day in Paradise

Not knowing what to expect from a parent on any given day makes you realize that your life is going to be at various times: surprising exceptional whacky crazy far from normal; or Code Name: ‘Just Another Day in Paradise‘ My sister Abby and I soon learned that our mother was not dependable and so […]

One Year Since Mother’s Death

When my sister Lindy called me and told me our mother had slipped into a coma, my first reaction was shock. Not shock that Mother was now unable to communicate, but that she had relinquished that ability so quietly. We had both been prepared for a loud, difficult, and traumatic ending to her life–one in […]

Eulogy for My Grandmother

Shortly after my grandmother Mary passed away, our family gathered on Mother’s Day to remember her life and note her passing. I was honored to officiate at this service. In consultation with the rest of the family, we had developed a set of readings and songs that we felt were appropriate for the service. During […]

A Parent Denial

My sister Lindy has written about Mother’s drinking and my apparent denial of her troubles with alcohol (as well as her other addictions and compulsions). This Thanksgiving, as the subject of conversation turned to family and past memories, our mother’s name came up. During that chat, several of the loved ones who had gathered for […]