High School Jobs

Although I never worked during the school year, both my sister Lindy and I had summer jobs. My first summer job was working for my dad.  He was a bankruptcy trustee and he would take over bankrupt businesses and attempt to sell their inventory. This was in the days when businesses that went bankrupt did […]

They lead such boring lives….

Dad used to tell us that one of the nice things about having such colorful characters (code words for insane whackos) in our lives was that it was not boring. He was sure right about that! From two mothers who had issues, to relatives that led colorful and sometimes criminal lives, the people in our […]

It’s Complicated

Life is complicated. An understatement when you have been through the wringer of dysfunction in your family. First came our mother Mary with her myriad of troubles, a troubled past, a troubled present and a boatload of “troubles”. Mental problems aggravated by alcohol abuse, pill popping, food addiction and refusing to accept responsibility just to […]

Turning Up the Dial On Crazy

Crazy is not just a song made famous by the wonderfully talented, Patsy Cline. It is also a place where some families reside. Our mother inhabited the land of crazy for as long as we can remember. In fact, she usually had the volume turned all the way up. Unless of course she had consumed […]

“I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink”

I don’t think Merle Haggard ever knew our mother. Although his song I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink seems to have been written with her in mind. In fact it could have been her motto. Now she never admitted to this being her slogan. In fact, her usual state was one of denial. […]

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

While pondering our memories and reliving each and every one my sister Abby and I share, it gives me pause to imagine how we turned out so mentally healthy. The truth is always the best path, so I must say, we are champions of surviving such a mixed up mess of insanity. Otherwise known as […]