Long Distance Operator

When my sweet little daughter Fiona was born, my mother was still living the high life of the Pretender in California. I called Mother the day after my daughter’s birth to let her know about the darling new baby. The first thing out of Mother’s mouth after I told her the baby’s name was: How […]

Pure Joy

There are times in our lives when we are truly living in the moment. And in those moments it is that we are reminded of the pure joy in life. Children always live in the moment and seem to be filled with joy over what sometimes are the simplest of pleasures. When my sister and […]


When I was teaching at a notorious middle school known for problem students, one of the juvenile delinquents-to-be in my class was a student named Vernon. Now, as you may know, my dad’s name has been mentioned on occasion. Of course Dad’s name was also Vernon. So, having a student named after my dear dad […]

There are moments…..

Sometimes in the deepness of a dream, my sister and I have the most amazing experiences with our dad. Of course, Dad passed away sixteen years ago. But our experiences in the last sixteen years, and up to and including the present day, just prove that those we love are never far from our thoughts, […]

Don’t Peak Too Soon

Looking back at advice I have heard over my life, I think not peaking too soon was some of the best. Although I had lots of friends when growing up, my social life with the opposite sex was not as memorable. Of course, I went steady (How dated is that little phrase?) with Butch. I […]

Dad’s Advice on Friends

Since both our mother and stepmother were pretty much out of the loop when it came to my sister and me, our dad had to supply all the information and advice two young girls needed. Dad spoke to us about careers (given the times being when they were, he thought we should be teachers “in […]