MilkToast Recipe

After the earlier article Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, I got to thinking about Mother’s “famous” concoction to give us whenever either of us had a stomach-ache and needed to “rest our stomachs.” Yes, the dreaded “Milk-Toast.” I was really curious about how it should be made properly, assuming that Mother’s recipe was […]

Far From Normal Cake

Our mother was not the only Far From Normal person in the family. No, upon occasion, my sister Lindy and I manage to vacation in the Far From Normal world and the Friday after Thanksgiving was one of those moments. It began with me innocently seeking a recipe on Pinterest that would astonish my entire family. […]

Pork Chops and Dressing Recipe

As you may recall from the article about a near death experience with Mother Mary Jo’s cooking, her dressing was “to die for.” It really wasn’t the recipes she used that were the usual culprit, but her rather unique style of drunken cooking. Ingredients were omitted or over-used. Pans and dishes were not clean. Cross-contamination […]