Wishy Washy?

One of the things about our mother was you would never say she was wishy washy. No way! You knew exactly what she was thinking because she was born without a filter. And just like a car without a filter, she was loud and obnoxious. Mother’s mouth was open and if she wasn’t eating, drinking […]

Never Establish Eye Contact

Our stepmother had some kind of funny pieces of advice that she shared whenever the mood hit her. If you happened to be out in public and there were strangers around that she felt might want something from her, she always said: Never establish eye contact. I think about this piece of advice whenever I […]

Summer Camp

When my sister Lindy and I were children, we were never allowed to participate in any type of summer¬†camp. We couldn’t go to Bible Camp since our mother claimed we would come back “all religious.” We couldn’t go to Girl Scout camp because Mary our mother couldn’t see herself “locked away in the woods” without […]

Just Another Day in Paradise

Not knowing what to expect from a parent on any given day makes you realize that your life is going to be at various times: surprising exceptional whacky crazy far from normal; or Code Name: ‘Just Another Day in Paradise‘ My sister Abby and I soon learned that our mother was not dependable and so […]

Doomed To Look Like A Dork

When my sister Abby and I were in elementary school, most of the girls joined up with the Girl Scouts. Mother loved being involved in organizations, as long as it did not directly include her own daughters. Strange you may say, believe us we know! We have shared about the time I “borrowed” (some say […]

Mother’s Many Sayings

To say my mother had a lot of special sayings is like saying the ocean has a lot of water. Mother had quite a few sharp words she would pull out whenever they were needed. The first one¬†was: You are going at that like you are killing snakes. It was used whenever anyone put a […]