They lead such boring lives….

Dad used to tell us that one of the nice things about having such colorful characters (code words for insane whackos) in our lives was that it was not boring. He was sure right about that! From two mothers who had issues, to relatives that led colorful and sometimes criminal lives, the people in our […]

Security Blanket or Security Thumb?

As a participant in the “Far From Normal” world, I needed a source of security. Since I had no special blanket and since Mother wasn’t known for providing a source of security, I was left to my own devices. Since I knew it had to be something that was always with me, I chose my […]

If She Didn’t Like It, We Didn’t Get To Have It

Mother had several quirks that stood out like sore thumbs. For some unknown reason, she always held those close to her in contempt and strangers in high regard.  This was considered a big character flaw by our dad, and my sister Abby and I always puzzled about her lack of connection with our family. She […]

Fourth grade

The town we grew up in was only 48 miles from Normal, Illinois; however, our lives were still Far From Normal. I loved our new house in an old, established neighborhood. The house’s wiring didn’t have 220 to hook up our stove, and it didn’t have decent lighting in any of the bedrooms; but none […]