Be True To Your School

As the school year begins around the country, I was thinking about my years in the public school system and the many interesting and enlightening experiences I had in school. My sister and I moved to Decatur and started attending Riverside School when my sister was in first grade and I was in fourth. I […]

The Beautiful Christmas Windows

My sister Lindy and I attended Riverside School which was a neighborhood kindergarten through sixth grade school. Riverside was a small school and there were only one or two sections of each grade. In fourth grade, Mother made me wear a P-coat to school and it became confused with another coat belonging to a boy. […]

Peggy and Violet

When I entered fourth grade at Riverside School, I immediately made two enemies–Peggy and Violet. They were in my class and lived in the same direction I did. Every day after school, they would ask me to “join the bush club” and push me into the shrubs we passed by. They would sometimes beat me […]

Home permanents

Whenever Mother found out it was picture day at school, she would buy two home permanents for my sister and I. The night before, she would make us sit for hours while she tried to torture our hair into curls. The solution smelled horrible and she said you must not wash your hair for at […]