A Second Look at the Animals’ Merry Christmas

Last year I wrote about a favorite childhood book called “The Animals’ Merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, I did not write about this wonderful book in time for parents and grandparents to order it for their children and grandchildren. This year, I encourage you to order it if you have any young person in your life for […]

The Candy Fairy

When my sister Abby and I were little girls, since Abby was older, she figured out ways to outsmart me. One of her favorite games was playing “The Candy Fairy”. Whenever we had sweet treats, my sister would gobble hers up so quickly that I thought she had superhuman powers. I tried to savor my […]

The Loyalty Gene

One of the traits that my sister Abby and I share is what we refer to as the “loyalty gene.” We are loyal to each other, our family, our friends, our pets and even to a lesser degree certain brands, certain restaurants and certain products. Now, our mother was also loyal but in a much […]

The Story of a Store

During the holidays, I wanted to purchase something fun for Lindy.  She is such a good sister and does so many nice things for me.  This time I wanted to do something for her. I was meeting Lindy at the mall at 10:30AM, so I had about 45 minutes to find something wonderful.  Luckily, there […]

The Exchange Queen

Every year, prior to Christmas,  Dad would go out with Lindy and me and select something lovely that he thought Mary might condescend to wear.  We would return home with joy, delighted with our purchases. Then we would wrap the marvelous gifts. Christmas morning every year was the same thing.  “I don’t like it,” or […]

The Santa Claus Gift

There were not many holiday traditions for my sister Lindy and me while growing up in the Far From Normal world. Mother made fruitcake and candles, and she sang under the Christmas tree (after imbibing more than a little bit of her “special drink”). Dad placed hundred dollar bills around small bottles of liquor and […]