Oh no! A Cheesepocalypse?

Mother loved cheese. In fact it was one of her favorite food groups. Her palate was not very sophisticated so if you asked what her favorite cheese was, she would answer with a definite: ¬†Velveeta, of course! If you know anything about Velveeta, then you know it is known as a “cheese product.” This means […]

Chocolate Milk Meltdown

In elementary school, my sister and I had milk breaks every day, as did the rest of the children. On Mondays, each child was expected to bring their milk money for the week. The grand sum for milk for a week was ten cents. About mid-morning, the teacher sent the milk helpers to get the […]

Keep Your Mitts off My Pinking Shears!

Our mother had a very special pair of scissors called pinking shears. I guess they were for seamstresses who made lots of beautiful dresses for their daughters. This did not happen at “Looney Ville”, our family home. I still am not sure why she even owned a pair since her sewing skills were limited and […]

Cracker Jacks or Cracker Craps?

I love sugar and as a child I also loved little trinkets, no matter how junky they might be. Imagine my face when I found out about Cracker Jacks. I could satisfy my need for sugar and my need for a trinket all in one amazing little box! Problem number one was getting the necessary […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

Mother had a way¬†of trying to explain her illogical logic that was difficult to accept. It was a very Alice in Wonderland sort of experience. The first time a person encountered her twisted “logic”, they often made the mistake of attempting to follow it. Woe to anyone foolish enough to make the same attempt a […]

A New Bathing Suit

This morning when I got to the Y, I looked at my bathing suit and thought, “Boy! Do I need a new one!” Usually it is my friend Kelly who examines all suits at the Y and strongly suggests those people with stretched seams consider a purchase. We call her the Suit Nazi because she […]