The Candy Fairy

When my sister Abby and I were little girls, since Abby was older, she figured out ways to outsmart me. One of her favorite games was playing “The Candy Fairy”. Whenever we had sweet treats, my sister would gobble hers up so quickly that I thought she had superhuman powers. I tried to savor my […]

You couldn’t pay me to….

Whenever Mother believed she had been mistreated, snubbed, or suffered some other form injustice (whether true or imagined, and in her case it was more often imagined) her favorite refrain was: You couldn’t pay me to attend. or: You couldn’t pay me to talk to them or one of her favorites: You couldn’t pay me […]

Kinky Boots

My sister and I seldom had a pair of boots to wear to school during the winter. Since we did not live in the tropics, it might seem reasonable that boots were a necessity for walking in the snow. Once in awhile, Mother might snag, scam, steal, or otherwise somehow magically acquire a pair of […]

The Weight Loss Journey

Our mother was always on a perpetual weight loss journey. She would read about a special diet (for example, the grapefruit diet) and the next thing we knew the refrigerator was filled with grapefruit and we were told to keep our hands off of them. Now this did not happen one time, it actually occurred […]

Saving Your Good Clothes

It was very rare for my sister and I to shop for clothes when we were children. The joy we too in looking at clothes and finding just the right item was tempered by the fact that whenever we got some new article of clothing, my mother would say: Put it away and save it […]

Walking on Egg Shells (The Sequel)

In case it wasn’t enough to have to deal very carefully with our mother Mary, we also had to walk on eggshells around our father’s second wife Beatrice. We learned right away that the wrong word could send Beatrice into her bedroom with the door slammed loudly. If things were particularly distressing to Beatrice, twenty […]