What Is A Family?

After finding a wonderful definition of family, it caused me to ponder exactly what connects us. Is it just blood that makes us a family? Or is it something deeper and often more meaningful? The definition I found is: family 1.  one of life’s greatest blessings 2.  a group of individuals living under one roof: […]

No Man Is An Island

My sister Abby and I have always had a close relationship. Our dad taught us from an early age the importance of family. He always said that if we made derogatory remarks about each other that it would reflect poorly on us. I am sure that is one of the reasons we never speak ill […]


You already know that my sister Lindy and I are the closest of biological sisters. Add our stepsister Sissy into the mix and we are all three the closest of sisters and friends. However, you probably are not aware of our half-sister Melinda. Melinda was born when our mother (the amazing Mary) was in the […]

Happy Anniversary Kids!

To my beloved siblings (my sister Abby, step-brother Kevin, and step-sister Sissy): This is a family love letter sent to all three of you from your sister Lindy. A number of years ago, right around Easter, we became a blended family. Our tales of growing up together have been documented here on the Far From […]