More to the story…

In any lifetime of memories, there is almost always more to the story than that which is shared. My sister and I have shared many chapters in our far from normal lives and although some may have been shocking, they have been ours to share. The funny thing is some of our readers, especially those […]

Random Access Memories

In our writings here, my sister and I are all over the place in terms of time. You may have asked yourself: Why don’t they have the stories in chronological order? Here is the answer: our memories come back randomly. We started with the earliest memories, but then we noticed that some of our stories […]

Have You Ever Been 86’d From A Bar?

On one of our visits to southern California to see Mother and husband number three, Tom, we learned about a new term. It happened apparently when mother and her partner in crime, Tom, were drinking (a real shocker there!) at one of their favorite dives. Mother told us this tale of woe when we were […]