When I was teaching at a notorious middle school known for problem students, one of the juvenile delinquents-to-be in my class was a student named Vernon. Now, as you may know, my dad’s name has been mentioned on occasion. Of course Dad’s name was also Vernon. So, having a student named after my dear dad […]

Making Chicken Salad Out Of…

When my sister Lindy and I were young children, we would play “school” for hours. I loved to be the teacher and have Lindy be my student. I would mark her papers wrong with a big red pen, and I enjoyed using flash cards to help my dear sister with her math facts. Later on, […]

Mr. Ferris AKA Mr. Bully

When I was in tenth grade, I had the unfortunate luck of having Mr. Ferris for geometry. He had a nasty attitude and didn’t much care for teaching. He was a bitter, old bully who hated his life and intended to take out his hatred on us. I was sitting in class one day, minding […]

I Wanna Get Physical

Growing up, my sister and I were not encouraged to take part in any physical education. Mother considered it a total waste of time. She also believed that, in her words All those Physical Education teachers are lesbians. She expanded on that to imply that any female who played sports would also end up “that […]

See You At Thanksgiving

By the time I graduated from high school, Dad was married to our stepmother Beatrice, and my mother and I had a less than cordial relationship. My dad had told me that my college choices were dictated by geography—I could not go¬†further away than one day’s travel. He told me he wanted to be able […]