Career Choices

As you already know, my dad completed college and law school after I was born. Once he started practicing law, I observed what he did and decided (at age 7) that being a lawyer was for me. When I informed my dad of my decision, he said: Girls don’t go to law school.  It’s just […]

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

While pondering our memories and reliving each and every one my sister Abby and I share, it gives me pause to imagine how we turned out so mentally healthy. The truth is always the best path, so I must say, we are champions of surviving such a mixed up mess of insanity. Otherwise known as […]

High School Confidential

After my earlier article about school, I was reminded of some more teachers I had not mentioned. I wanted to write about my experiences with some of them as they were, obviously, pretty memorable. In my Freshman year of high school, Mrs. Armstrong taught ninth grade English and the one thing I remember about her […]

Making Chicken Salad Out Of…

When my sister Lindy and I were young children, we would play “school” for hours. I loved to be the teacher and have Lindy be my student. I would mark her papers wrong with a big red pen, and I enjoyed using flash cards to help my dear sister with her math facts. Later on, […]

Christmas and the Path of Least Resistance

At school, Lindy and I always looked forward to the annual Christmas party.  It was held on the last day before vacation and lasted all afternoon.  The “room mother” brought cookies. And Lindy and I always prayed no one would ask our mother to be the room mother as we knew the other children would be […]

Best Excuse For Missing School

When Abby was attending college, Dad had a good friend who had a plane.  His friend offered to fly Dad and me out to pick Abby up for one of her college breaks.  I was still in high school but Dad knew it would be fun for me to tag along. The day arrived and […]