Wrestling: The Real Thing

As children my sister and I spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago visiting Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry. They, of course, had a daughter named Kathy Ann. In the tale of Kathy Ann gets sick, our mother drugged Kathy Ann without Aunt Marty’s knowledge. And of course years later Kathy Ann ended up […]

Soap Opera Expert

Mother never watched soap operas because she thought she was too good for them. They were way beneath her and her intellectual ability. Whenever anyone brought up the latest happenings on the daytime dramas, our mother would begin her lecture on how anyone could waste their time on such drivel. She proclaimed that she could […]

Mother Hates Mediacom

When Mother arrived in Iowa, she decided she wanted to buy a television so she could “keep up with what was going on in the world” (whatever that meant). My husband Charles and I took her out to see what was available. Since Mother’s vision was extremely poor by this point in her life, and […]

Let the TV Rest

Dad considered TV a fad and refused to purchase one. One year, we received a television set as a gift from one of Dad’s clients. Of course, our mother had no intention of recognizing it as the property of the whole family, since she had her own ideas about television watching. It was all hers […]

A Far From Normal New Year’s Eve

After my parents divorced, my holidays alternated between the two of them. On one New Year’s Eve when I was still in elementary school,¬† it was my father’s turn to have me over to his house. I don’t know quite when I became a night-owl. I have a very vague memory from years before this […]

Dad’s Stories

For many years growing up, we did not have a TV. Dad thought television was “just a fad” and in lieu of TV, he would tell us wonderful and amazing stories about things like living in the jungle in deepest, darkest Africa. Since Dad had never actually¬†been to Africa, you might think that the stories […]