Third Cousin By Marriage Twice Removed

On one occasion when my sister Lindy and I were visiting Mother in Indiana, she made plans to visit with one of her distant cousins. And by distant cousin, I mean the sort who was a fourth cousin by marriage three times removed, or something like that. It was hard to keep track of the specifics […]

Just Stopped In To See What Condition Her Condition Was In

My sister Lindy and I dreaded the periodic phone calls from Husband Number Three Tom relating to us that Mother was in the hospital. He usually had the details wrong and, on one occasion, when they were living in California,  he couldn’t remember the name of the hospital where she had been admitted. He told Lindy […]

Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here

Most people wish to select their own home for purchase, or at least to see the home before purchasing or moving into it. But not Mother. When she and Husband Number Three had decided to move from a Los Angeles suburb back to her old stomping grounds in southern Indiana, she asked a “dear friend” […]

Fighting at a Funeral

While Mother and Husband Number Three Tom were living in Indiana, I received a phone call from her to let me know that her brother-in-law had passed away. Mother and Tom were headed to Chicago for the funeral. I felt compelled to make the trip as well. My sister wisely refused to accompany me to […]

The Original Spice Girl

Our mother was no stranger to spicing things up. She fancied herself quite the gourmand.  She loved to eat, but did so without an audience. Thus the term sneak eater would define her style. She also loved spicy food.  If a little cayenne was in the recipe, she would add three times the amount. Abby […]

Welcome to the Courtesy Van, Now Sit Down and Shut Up

Abby and I were not “made of money” either, as Mary loved to tell us about herself.  After her request for money was made, we decided to send a list of possible jobs for them.  The list, which was based on their “skill set” and interests, included: running a boiled peanut stand selling dog food […]