Lessons From A Life Well Lived

Unlike our mother, who pontificated most of her advice from the comfort of her large brown recliner, Dad taught most of his lessons by the way he lived his life. When it came to work, my sister and I could observe his life and see the lessons. When we lived in Chicago and Dad was […]

Every Day Was Independence Day

Both Lindy and I are very independent women and I think some of our friends wonder how we became so self-sufficient when we lived in such a Far From Normal world. The answer is both simple and complicated. Every day with our mother we were able to practice our problem-solving skills and gain knowledge of […]

Mother Superior

Mother had a penchant for anyone or anything that was foreign. Abby and I aren’t quite sure where this quirk came from but she exhibited it throughout her lifetime. When we lived in the post-war converted Army Barracks, while Dad was attending the University of Chicago, she was drawn to anyone or anything foreign. She […]

Chicago Fire

My son Taylor called me this morning and mentioned the massive, five-alarm warehouse fire in Chicago that occurred last night. Thankfully, this fire was not as bad as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but it was one of the largest in recent years. And the scenes of firefighters battling the inferno with water freezing […]

Lance Armstrong – Hero? or Zero?

With Lance Armstrong’s recent confession to Oprah, it seems there are many fans who feel he let them down.  I guess he was considered a hero by many in the cycling world, especially when he refused to admit his drug enhancement use and fought his critics.  Put too high on a pedestal makes the fall […]

Dad Goes to College

After Dad returned from World War II, he married my mother and in short order, they had me. Dad was an eighth grade drop-out with time on the GI Bill. He tried washing repair school, television repair school, and auto mechanics school and he dropped out of all of them. At the auto school, he […]