Whole Lotta Hurling Goin’ On

On one of the (thankfully) rare occasions that Mother graced our state with her presence, she made quite an impression. And as always with Mother, the impression was less than positive. In this case, by the end of her visit, the impression was absolutely disgusting as well. Mother was staying with Charles and I, and […]

Expiration Dates

Our mother never paid much attention to expiration dates. Okay, well, truth be told she didn’t pay any attention to them. The bread was always used, even if a bit black with mold.  The same could be said of mayonnaise, salad dressings, milk and eggs. If either me or my sister was unable to eat […]

SOS AKA Shit on a Shingle

Mother was the queen of making meals that seriously looked like someone had upchucked a previous meal onto your plate. One of the items she made was commonly referred to as “Shit on a Shingle” (or SOS) by the military. My sister and I both suspected she had learn make SOS during her brief military […]

Crock Pot or Crack Pot?

Once our mother arrived in southern Indiana, she quickly became acquainted with crock pot cooking. This kind of cooking was right up her alley, so to speak: throw something in and wait all day for it to cook.  Then you serve whatever it was for dinner. Needless to say, this was a recipe for disaster […]

Special Meatloaf

Mary made meatloaf about once a week.  She didn’t use a recipe but put a little of each of the ingredients listed below in her bowl.  Sometimes she added more oatmeal depending on how far she wanted to stretch her meal.  Anyway, this is pretty much the recipe she used: Ingredients 1 lb ground beef […]

Near Death Experience Via Food

When we were in California on our Magic Kingdom trip, we went to Mother’s humble abode later that evening. She wanted us to eat dinner with her but we made every excuse we could think of so we would not get food poisoning. She had made chicken and dressing earlier in the day and it […]