Getting a Cold Drink

After shopping for several hours today, I felt myself in need of a rest for my feet and legs. I decided to employ one of my mother’s favorite respites. She would say: Let’s get a cold drink. As a child, I dreaded hearing her say those words for it meant we would be headed to […]

Shopping Trips from Hell

One of the most disastrous experiences in my life was shopping with Mother. When my sister Lindy and I were young, Mother would take us to a department store and find underwear that might be our size. She would call us over and in public hold up the panties to our bodies to guess if […]

School clothes shopping

Once we returned from Indiana, it seemed the beginning of school was right around the corner. One of our fall rituals was shopping for new school clothes and supplies. Mary always made it out to be quite an ordeal. After a full morning of window shopping (which I hate to this day!) we would go […]