Puttin’ on the Ritz

Today I stopped at the Walmart and as I was exiting my car, I noticed a couple from my church. I rushed up to say hello and the man said: Oh! I didn’t think that was you. I’ve never seen you when your hair didn’t look perfect before. Needless to say, this was not the […]

Layaway Plans: Not Really Plans At All

Our mother loved, loved, loved layaway plans. For those of you not familiar with this term, when my sister and I were growing up, large department stores like Sears and JC Penney’s had what were called layaway plans. This meant you could pick out any number of items and with a small down payment, the […]

South of Hell’s Gate

In writing about the long and winding road that my sister and I traveled every summer to Indiana, I failed to mention our mother’s extreme hatred of air conditioning. Every summer, when my sister and I would visit, it was almost without fail the hottest time of the year. And upon our arrival, there would […]

Happy Birthday, Mother

My sister and I have already written about some of our adventures with Mother on her birthday. There was the year we bought Neapolitan ice cream…which turned out to be the one flavor she hated. There was the year we had the surprise 80th birthday party with several of her relatives. And there was the […]

A New Bathing Suit

This morning when I got to the Y, I looked at my bathing suit and thought, “Boy! Do I need a new one!” Usually it is my friend Kelly who examines all suits at the Y and strongly suggests those people with stretched seams consider a purchase. We call her the Suit Nazi because she […]

Is that a fly in my sausage and biscuits?

When our mother left California for her southern roots, she lived in the teeny tiny town of her birth. They only had one restaurant by the time she moved there so your eating out choices were limited. The place or joint was called Van’s and it was not something you would ever write home about. […]