Down the Rabbit Hole

Mother had a way of trying to explain her illogical logic that was difficult to accept. It was a very Alice in Wonderland sort of experience. The first time a person encountered her twisted “logic”, they often made the mistake of attempting to follow it. Woe to anyone foolish enough to make the same attempt a […]

Swivel Hip Sisters

Mother and her sister Martha were the Queens of Swivel Hips. From the behind, you could hardly tell who was who. Unfortunately they carried their weight in the caboose and the view was one to behold. Their hips seemed to rival volcanic activity when they were in full swing. It seemed they almost could be […]

The Weight Loss Journey

Our mother was always on a perpetual weight loss journey. She would read about a special diet (for example, the grapefruit diet) and the next thing we knew the refrigerator was filled with grapefruit and we were told to keep our hands off of them. Now this did not happen one time, it actually occurred […]

Joining Weight Watchers Again

With the first of the year comes the promise to improve ourselves in all ways.  One of the most obvious is our desire to lose weight.  Like people all over the country, Lindy and I once again promise to watch what we eat and exercise more. Although those simple promises seem easy enough to both […]

Paging Ponce de Leon

Once Mother moved to California and rid herself of husband number two (Uncle/Stepdad Kenny), she was ready to set sail for the fountain of youth. She was always seeking ways to lose weight, firm up her body, and look younger. Of course, all of this was to be accomplished without diet, exercise, or surgery. She spent […]

Back to Black

Mother was heavy throughout most of her life. She would say that she battled her weight every day. And it truly was a battle! When it was a special occasion or event, Mother would always choose black as her fashion color. Her dress would be black, with black shoes, a black purse, everything was black. […]