After returning back home “unexpectedly” from Des Moines (but still Far from Normal), my sister and I were in a state of shock. Attempting to assimilate the events that had transpired – and how they would have played out under other circumstances – was mind-boggling.

We slept fitfully and upon awakening began to put the pieces together of these bizarre events. If we had come home when we were originally scheduled to, Mary and Uncle Kenny would have been long gone.

Uncle Kenny would have left with yet another alias in his wake – Stepdad Kenny.

To this day when I think about that, I cannot comprehend her cavalier attitude with your children.

  • How do you leave without ever saying goodbye?
  • How do you walk away from your responsibilities?
  • How do you walk away from your daughters?

I will never understand the mind of someone who is so selfish and self absorbed that they have no problem leaving and beginning a new life without their children. It is a hurt that never goes away. Another valuable lesson: parents are not supposed to abandon their children, ever.

I wondered if Mary ever thought about where we would live. Or was she living life expecting others to pick up the pieces?

Abandonment is a weird issue to deal with. Mary would say I was almost fully grown. My sister was in college, so what was the big deal? Mary did not have the capacity to feel our pain or understand how far from normal her behavior truly was. If you needed any proof of her sanity, or lack thereof, this was it.

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