Post-Divorce: Going Out West Where She Belongs

Divorce CakeAfter our parents’ divorce, Mother and Kenny (who had become “Uncle Stepdaddy”) decided to stop by our dad’s law office before heading west. To say it was less than cordial would be an understatement. I was not privy to all that was said but know my Dad had my sister’s and my best interests at heart. Quite the opposite of our mother.

The best news at that moment was that my dad would no longer be paying Mother alimony or child support, so it was financially beneficial for all of us.

Our mother was not known for being a math wizard, so she gave up the divorce money she received from our dad for a promise that once in Los Angeles, her new husband would provide for her. Based on Uncle/Stepdad Kenny’s history of blowing off commitments and promises, the likelihood of that actually happening was a foregone conclusion, but in Mother’s fogged reality-distortion field, it likely made sense to her.

The money she received from the sale of the house was enough for her to attain her dream of being in sunny California without any responsibilities.

If it meant marrying her former brother-in-law, she was more than happy to do that. Her goal was to get as far away from us as possible without leaving the contiguous United States.

On the roadIt was finally time for them to leave and away they went with the promise to write. Kind of like what you would say to a neighbor that you barely knew. We waved goodbye and the “lovebirds” were gone.

Heading west for her new adventures without the drag of kids, she had a huge smile on her face and looked about as happy as we’d ever seen her.

And in our own way, as confused and befuddled as the whole situation left us, we were also happy…happy to have her moving far, far away. And moving far from Normal.


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