Before the Parade Passes By

Dad always loved a parade. One fine day when we were in Chicago visiting the Art Institute, we came down the stairs to a parade going down Michigan Avenue. There were clowns, funny vehicles of all sorts and lots of people marching.

3 May Day Parade in Chicago (1985)We watched for a while. Then, tired of seeing a bunch of old men walking along the parade route, my sister and I became bored.  Dad continued to watch and wished we would too.

We continued to move on as Dad lamented the fact that we were missing an opportunity to enjoy the parade.  We began our own parade down Michigan Avenue hoping to find a dining establishment that would agree with all of our palates.

Dad loved Chinese food but, you guessed it, Beatrice threw a fit.  “No way am I going to order something I cannot pronounce or have little idea of what is on my plate!”  We kept moving.

By this time we were all so hungry that we would have eaten just about anything, but since Beatrice liked to call the shots, we knew it might be awhile.  On we marched.

There was no input allowed from us. The main goal was for Beatrice to be happy.  Later in life, we all realized that making her happy was not within our reach.  Her happiness was fleeting and usually had to do with someone or something other than her family.

Lesson learned:  Trying to please either of the twisted sisters (Mary or Beatrice) was simply not within our grasp.



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