Best Excuse For Missing School

AirplaneWhen Abby was attending college, Dad had a good friend who had a plane.  His friend offered to fly Dad and me out to pick Abby up for one of her college breaks.  I was still in high school but Dad knew it would be fun for me to tag along.

The day arrived and Dad and I drove out to the airport and boarded the plane.  In a short two hours we arrived after marveling at the scenery and enjoying the wide open spaces.

Abby was waiting for us, and she hopped onto the plane. Away we went, heading back home.  It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed the time together.

The trouble began when I returned to school the next day.  My homeroom teacher, who was a real stickler for following the rules and procedures outlined in his large teacher notebook, wondered as to my absence.

I explained calmly that my Dad and I flew over to pick my sister up for her break from college.  He was not happy.  He said

You weren’t sick?

I again calmly replied

Well, no.  I was spending the day with my Dad.

This did not set well with Mr. Veach.  In fact, he was furious.  I then proceeded to tell him that my Dad said I was getting quite an education being with him.  Mr. Veach’s face turned bright red and he told me to bring a written excuse from my Dad the next day or else.

I’m not sure what the “or else” was but, to be honest, I thought little of it.  After dealing with Mary, there was very little that scared Abby and me.

When I went home I told my Dad about the less than cordial conversation I had with Mr. Veach.  He promptly wrote out a letter letting him know that being with my Dad was just as educational, if not more so, than sitting in a classroom all day.  He expanded by saying

my daughter can learn a lot by spending the day with me.

The next day I gave the letter to Mr. Veach.  His face turned bright red again and I was wondering if he had anger management issues.  He made me take the letter around to all of my teachers so they could read it also.  I think he thought that would be quite a punishment because they would be angry also.

The teachers read the letter, and each of them initialed it. Most of them then calmly handed it back.  A few harrumphed as if in disbelief, but again I was not fazed by their reactions.  Thanks to Dad, Abby and I knew he was on our side and that was really all that mattered.


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