A Blended Family…To Say The Least

They all becameAfter my sister’s successful completion of her summer classes, we decided to return home earlier than expected. We finished our final day of work, packed up our belongings and headed east. We arrived at our mother’s home, where I also lived.

It was late and we were greeted by Mary in complete darkness. She asked us to sit down because she had something to tell us. The news would change all of our lives.

She told us rather calmly that she had married over the summer, sold the house and was leaving for California. We were shocked by all this news and I fell into an emotional abyss. Where would I live? I still had one more year of high school to complete and could not imagine leaving Eisenhower High School. Where would my little dog, Sniffer go? What about my belongings?

Then she shared the strangest piece of the news of all. Mary had married our Dad’s brother. Our uncle! His name was Kenny, he was an alcoholic, had been married numerous times and was a “free spirit.”

Now our uncle was also our stepfather! Our cousins were our stepsisters! Our Dad was now our step-uncle! This was so far from normal that I lost what little composure I had and started sobbing uncontrollably. My sister, being a bit older, tried to console me. Mary continued to tell us how happy she was and did not understand why we were upset.

Then the weirdest feeling of all came over us, we were no longer welcome in our own home! Another lesson to be learned: if you ever have children, never, ever abandon them.


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