But Did You Have Fun?

Almost sixteen years ago at our dad’s memorial service, among all the other flowers and tributes, there was a beautiful bouquet of roses on display. They were from his longtime secretary with a simple message:

Didn’t we have fun?

As you might guess, our stepmother Beatrice was not amused.

But I found it to be so comforting because I knew how much Dad and his secretary had enjoyed working together and although they both worked hard, they had fun along the way. And isn’t that what we all should be doing? Enjoying our life’s work?

Too many people are searching for that elusive happiness and think it will only be attainable when they retire or get married or have children or some other goal they have not yet reached. They do not realize that happiness is right here under your nose. Happy is as happy does.

Dad found happiness in every day life experiences. He loved his profession, he loved his family, he and found everyday life to be filled with joy. Not being a negative thinker, he was awash with positivity. being Not a Pollyanna either, he was a man who believed those words from “Invictus“:

I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

Of course, these words were not something that either of his two wives could relate to.

Being the master of your own fate was a gift Dad taught by example. We learned that hard work would be rewarded and that the possibilities were endless. And we learned the importance of having fun in life.

My sisters Abby and Sissy and my brother Kevin and I have tried to find our own way in life to honor Dad’s example of hard work, passion for what you do, and remembering to have fun along the way. So, go out there today and enjoy each moment!

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