Drama Llamas

Ashdown Forest Llama ParkEver heard of a Drama Llama? It’s someone who spits out all of their drama at you, just like the llama spits at people. Our family actually was blessed or cursed with an entire herd of them.

Either Mother was off on one of her tirades (often alcohol induced) or our stepmother Beatrice was slamming the door on all of us because she “simply couldn’t take it anymore!”

Sometimes my sister and I were “fortunate enough” to get a nightmarish double feature in a single evening. First some “quality time” with one, then with the other, while they turned in their best attempts at Oscar-worthy performances.

As we got older, the role of Drama Llama was filled by other family members.

When you have a blended family like ours, the blend sometimes turns toxic. Add a herd of Drama Llamas and the level of toxicity increases to nuclear levels.

My sister Abby and I tried to steer clear of the herd but that wasn’t always an easy task. Sometimes you were drawn into the drama unwillingly. We never allowed anyone to speak ill of the other, so we would always speak up if one of us was being maligned.

We also allowed no criticism, negative thoughts or meanness directed at our dad, never, ever! This happened rarely, but the few times it did occur, we put an end to it quickly with our sharp wit.

The main problem with the Drama Llama was that listening to all their problems brought you down. I have never been a drinker, but after a half hour session with one of them, I felt like downing a bottle of whiskey to drown away my sorrows. Their problems seem to become your problems.

At some point in your life, you feel the freedom to not allow such negative and unproductive behavior in your life. I am printing up a sign that says

This is a no Drama Llama Zone!

Want to share your drama? Try the zoo!

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