Braces for My Birthday

They say timing is everything and boy did Mother know that! On my thirteenth birthday, she decided that would be the perfect day for me to get braces on my teeth.

Braces on TeethOff to the orthodontist we flew. I spent several hours (after school, of course!) being tortured and then went home to await the arrival of my dad so we could go out to dinner to celebrate. The four of us wound up at a steak place, so of course we all had steak.

What a colossal mistake! My teeth hurt, my jaws hurt, my mouth was bleeding and my lips were puffed out and raw. I tried to chew but was not successful. Mother offered no sympathy and kept asking me what was wrong. Duh! I guess she missed the part of the orthodontist’s report about eating soft food for the first few days!

Steaks on a grillThe evening ended with me hungry and miserable, while Dad and Abby took pity on me. Meanwhile Mother was enjoying every tasty morsel on the table, including my food. She never was one to allow the misery of others to keep her from enjoying a good meal. Needless to say, she made no adjustments for my dietary needs. Her motto was always that you would eat if you got good and hungry!

I now have straight teeth and am thankful for that. Also, to this day, I never take eating a good steak for granted!

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