In The Club

Mickey Mouse ClubhouseAfter our Dad married Beatrice, we still had opportunities to have him all to ourselves.  Dad would take me along when Abby was ready to head home for her college breaks.

We would have lunch on the way, enjoying the special time we were sharing.  We could hardly wait to pick Abby up and be together again for the ride home.

Once we packed all of Abby’s belongings in the car, away we went.  Dad would talk about how her classes were going and what she was learning.  He was an excellent conversationalist and knew how to engage us.  He also knew the fine art of listening and made sure everyone had a chance to talk.

On the return trip, we would always stop for dinner and Dad made sure it was at a special place.  We would relax together and enjoy the food and the company.

Although our Dad was busy with his law practice, he always made time for Abby and me.  I guess Mary was correct.  The three of us did belong to a special club and it was exclusive!

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