Joining Weight Watchers Again

With the first of the year comes the promise to improve ourselves in all ways.  One of the most obvious is our desire to lose weight.  Like people all over the country, Lindy and I once again promise to watch what we eat and exercise more.

My Weight Loss CoachAlthough those simple promises seem easy enough to both formulate and follow, it is the following that seems to give us the most problem.  If you have been reading the blog, you are familiar with Mary’s many attempts to diet.  She might buy the nearest diet book like Eat to Live (she loved to look to Dr. Oz for inspiration), or she might stock up on bologna and cottage cheese.  Whatever it was, it was done with the gusto of someone who was firmly committed.

However, if you made the mistake of mentioning Weight Watchers to Mary, she would let you know that you were completely off base.

I couldn’t attend their meetings!

she would say.

They would wonder what I was doing there.

These statements left little room for doubt–Mary thought she was much too thin for Weight Watchers!

Today, both Lindy and I are approaching our best weights.  We have discovered that fad diets don’t work and that common sense eating does.  We are committed to our exercise and to living in the real world where neither of us is Sandra Dee.

We wish you good luck with your health challenges in 2013.  Please let us know how you are doing.



  1. Mary Berner says:

    Go girl!

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