More Secrets (And A Thought About Why We Keep Them)

After reading about our mother’s lack of problem solving skills, you may wonder where my Good Old Dad was and why he was not involved. The reason is that some of the things that happened with Mother were a secret that I did not share with my dad because I did not want to get Mother in trouble.

For many reasons, it is quite common for children involved in dysfunctional families to keep Cupboard contentssecrets. I was ashamed, I was embarrassed, and I took pity on Mary. I thought she needed me and she would feel abandoned if I left. I knew that Dad would welcome me with open arms. But I could not leave her alone and hungry.

The real irony is that Mother did not have the same allegiance to me. While I was busy with school and parenting her, she was busy trying to locate a one-way ticket out of town. Maybe she knew that I would be OK or maybe she was just thinking about herself. Alright, truth be told, she was self-centered and wanted nothing more than to head out of town with whoever came along.

One summer her dream was realized and her problems were solved. Not by her, of course, but by a man. Mother moved out of the picture and would remain so for a long time.

John Lennon quoteAs for me, I never went to bed hungry again. The residual effect of this today is I have cupboards full of food and a freezer full of food which gives me great comfort. Some may say I’m a food freak, but I’m not the only one. Yes, that is a reference to the late John Lennon. I hope some day you’ll join me and the world can be as one.

In the meantime, just like Scarlett O’Hara, I will never go hungry again!

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