Pancake Palooza

Pancakes being cooked on a griddle.As mentioned earlier, after Dad’s divorce from Mother and his new marriage to our stepmother Beatrice, my sister and I became part of a blended family with double the number of kids.

Once my sister and I were part of that new household, our dad started a new tradition of fixing breakfast every Sunday morning. He loved making pancakes and since there were four kids to feed, he figured it was a pretty cheap meal.

In order to make the pancakes even more economical, he would use water instead of milk.  He would make a mountain of pancakes and put them in the oven while he completed the rest of the meal. We also had scrambled eggs, but that was considered a side dish so each of us only got a few morsels.

Prior to being called out for the “Pancake Palooza”, Dad would water down the syrup to make it go further. Sometimes we even had pineapple juice but with all of us consuming the juice, we each only had a small amount.

If you mentioned you were still hungry, Dad would bring out the huge platter of pancakes warming in the oven.

How about another couple of pancakes?

he would say.

I got my fill of pancakes for a lifetime from these Sunday breakfasts and to this day I do not eat pancakes.  My Dad never convinced me that pancakes made with water and watery syrup was a great meal.



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